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This story causes my heart to ache.

I feel empathetic towards Mr. Fingers; He's clearly insane - but I feel the story is making clear why. This is only speculation, but, it seems that Mr. Fingers may have been in a war - more specifically the Great War (i.e. WWI) - and that after the war was over, he found that all of his friends as well as his brother, Kenneth, had died; leaving him behind. As with many Great War veterans, the enourmous amount of guilt - combined with the lonliness and sadness - finaly gave way to madness.

He origionally came at me as being a sickly depraved character, to being the sad, empty shell of a man broken by the hardships of war. I know what it is like, and it wrenches my heart to think about it.

Your stories are exquisetly beautiful, as well as morbidly macabre. I very much enjoy expieriencing them.

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Delightfully entertaining

Very nicely done! I greatly enjoyed this one, though not as much so as I did the sequal! I must say that you out did yourself on the second one.

Very Enjoyable

I found this to be a very enjoyable game. The simple game play goes quite well with the complex mechanics. A very nice game.

Very Nice!

I greatly enjoyed the game - The only thing I (and apparantly everyone else that has replied) found disconcertingand was the lack of any true longevity. Other than that, this is a prime example of what a good defence game should be about!

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I enjoyed the song, to an extent. You still seem to have a problem with volume control and compositionary diversity. However, this should not detract from the wonderful audio manipulation - the concept is very unique, if a bit unpolished. Keep up the good work, as I can only see improvement from here on out!


Gustauve Adolfus Wilhelm von Drakenhime III

Kaboohze responds:

Thank you for your review! :-D
I will work on the volume, especially concerning vocals as you mentioned in my other track!

I have to agree with XsakuX, the Vocals and audio composition are wonderful, but as stated prior, your song itself is not of the best quality - midi does not a good song make. Perhaps you should choose a different music system to do this one, as the current one doesn't do it any justice. Also, as XsakuX has already stated, you need to work on the volume in certain portions, at one point, I can clearly hear what is being said, but in the next, all I can hear is the music (which, as I mentioned before, isn't that great.) Also, try to do less vocal repetition and add more characters - The Scout, Medic, and Demoman have some of the best lines in the game. I hate to sound so critical, but know that I only critisize you because I see a magnificent amout of potential for this song! All in all, it's a wonderful experiment that has magnanamous amounts of potential, and I for one hope that you at least take into consideration what I've said, as I hardly ever leave a comment, much less a true, heart-felt critique, unless I truly see something in the subject.

Best of wishes for your future endeavors, and my God smile upon your life and help you face the coming days with a smile on your face!


Gustauve Adolfus Wilhelm von Drakenhime III

Kaboohze responds:

Very helpful - Thanks a lot for your review! :-D
I will take everything into to consideration.

It Sounds Like My Childhood...

I had a very... interesting Childhood... What with the Berlin Wall there to greet me everytime I woke up... All the Profanities Spread upon it's walls, most of which were placed there by the Russians; Telling Me that my way of Life would soon come to an end, and that they would Bury us. I hate the Russians for what they did to my Childhood; I only hope that the ones responcible will pay in the end... The song is Great, but it makes me think about my past, and that makes me Angry... X(

My full name is Gustauve Drakenhime III. I am the son of Frederik VI. I have lost seven brothers due to war. I'm 7' 6'', a devout Christian, a little clumsy and, at times, gullible. I am part of the German DSO, my weapon is the DSO Gherwestien18-TD/BSR .

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